About Us

Boutique hotels began to appear in the 1980s in large cities, many of them decorated in a unique stylistic form. The main course of our hotel is unquestionably fresh air, abundance of greenery and flowers, a cozy and at the same time stylish interior.

Botanic boutique hotel is a place where you can combine work on a business trip with rest, where there is no place for city noise, and the situation pleases the eye.

"Far from the centre of the city?" - You ask. Not, the uniqueness of our boutique hotel is that you can fence yourself off from the usual atmosphere of the city in the working mode, without leaving the city itself. The same paradise, the same Botanic.

Botanic boutique hotel does not yet have a history that goes back in the past centuries; this is an innovative place, the history of which we will create together with you.

A cozy boutique hotel includes:

  • 7 comfortable rooms, which as the 7 finest flowers grew in the Botanic boutique hotel; (including a room for people with disabilities)
  • Conference hall;
  • Summer and winter dining areas;
  • Gym;
  • Massage room;
  • Swimming pools, both outdoors and indoor;
  • Hamam, a sauna on the wood.


More Rooms

King Suite

365 $ per night

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Botanic Suite

From 170 $ per night

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From 150 $ per night

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Family Suite Rose

From 170 $ per night

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